Working with Emirates

I have just signed a contract with Emirates for a ground staff position and will start in april. I would like to know what is your opion about this comapnies.Any pros or contras?

Congrats and u have chosen a good company to work with . all the very best for ur future.
Have a pleasant working atmosphere.

Thank you very much!

ur welcome .

Great company,.. Have a few friends on their crew list... Heard its amazing!! All the best with settling in :)

I heard a lot of good things about them and i hope they are true. Do you know where the apartments for the employee is located? It's a good area?:/

Yeah well,.. From what I heard, they handle their staff like the big multinantionals do. I have never been to any of their staff accomodation but I know there is one on Sheikh Zayed road,... and another in the Nadaf area. I also think the accomodations are allocated based on one's position within the organization...Thats pretty normal tho! Have you worked with an international airline before? Maybe that would be a good basis for comparison:cool:

They told us that our accomodation is in Sheikh Zayed road. How is this area? I've never worked for any airline before and it's my first time working in another country.

Sheikh Zayed,... That's a good place to live. I guess you would be given the millennium towers which is quite nice. There are also a couple of really nice places to visit close to your location such as the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world):). I see this would be your first time working outta ur country... Great experience ahead of you. Do you have friends working in Dubai? There are loads of nice people here and I am sure you would settle in well. Feel free to ask any questions you have and ild be glad to respond the best I can.. Cheers.

congrats bobo

wish you all the best  hope there is no major catch in the contract

Thank you all for your replies and nice words. I dont have friends in Dubai, but i have friends that will also work for Emirates ;).I can't wait to start this new life ;)

You are welcome bo_bo.. U should be excited especially as u have friends coming in as well so u wont feel bored at all. I had mixed feelings before I came here but luckily for me, the experiences have been awesome. You should check out this website ( Loads of information on there and it's pretty much updated so you can rely on the information you find up there. You seem to have a positive attitude towards your trip... That's certainly a good idea:).

You didn't mention if u were cabin crew or ground staff.. I think cabin crew does a whole lot more travelling around... Interesting right!

Hi Bo-Bo ...
I started at EK about the same time you did. (external candidate)
I would love to meet up with you and share thoughts/experiences.

Send me and e-mail

Congratulations Kimba.
i try to apply at EK througt their website so may ask youow you got this job,

hi bo-bo! please, pretty please would you give me more details about what your duties are as ground staff? I've been offered the same position but dont have a clear picture about what involves...also, what is it like working for them, what's the accomodation like? would love to hear back from you as I am in two minds about it.....thank u

congratulations and good luck,
emirates is great company and very forward company. we are very proud of it. you can learn alot with emirates and grow too.
having said that, i think its also a company that put lots of presure on staff(so be prepared) and a company that seek prepared..!
good luck

thank u for your info and advice, saifsemt! I am gettin ready both phisically and mentally :))) I like a challenging job, I wouldnt like to get stucked and bored in a plain job so lookin forward to that. could u please advise me on the weather, too? I hear from october to june is nice, bearable weather, from june til october is very,very hot....but please, tell me, what's it like at night? does it get very cold, should I pack some thicker clothes, too? thank u. :)

I've attended an interview for ground position on Emirates/Dnata, and I've receive an email saying I've passed the final interview. Today my personal status on emirates website changed to "You will be contacted by your Recruitment coordinator at the earliest", so I guess I will be receiving a phone call soon, most forums say this means i've got the job :) I don't know yet when will be my doj, or my position, or even if I will work on the emirates or dnata terminal, but the salary was the same. bo_bo have they told you if you will have your own bedroom?
Thanks and good luck!

Great to see such a motivated person!
Weather is getting better day by day..we even had little rain in some part of very eager to enjoy our winter here lol...desert picknic time lol need for really heavy never really get very cold here..but some nice tops will be good..
Weather in uae starts getting nice from october to may..then hot..but wherever you go...there are air even can ski in summer lol
You will like it here..i call me country..desiney land :). be prepered for the rides ! Very diverse and

Good luck lacerda...danata is good start grow every day...anyway..anything to do with aviation in uae is fun and good...this is my humbel opinion...

Best of luck

Thanks! I still don't know if I'll be working on the dnata or the emirates terminal! Either way, the salary is the same! Best of luck to all!

Hello Everyone,

I just received an email from Emirates with a job offer in Dubai working on their website. They are asking me how much I would like to make. I'm aware that every position is paid differently, but would like to know more or less what I should say. Thank you very much for any advices.

hi how can apply for a job in emirates?

hey guys! I'm gonna join the company 26th of December as airport service agent, EK04, still dont get my job description, does somebody have it for to send me on my mail? and I'd be glad to know how is work there, how much is salary, cuz in contract it says that they get some extra, how about accommodation? can i choose the aria? what can you advise me as to new member in company? thank you an advance!

Nadya777 :

hey guys! I'm gonna join the company 26th of December as airport service agent, EK04, still dont get my job description, does somebody have it for to send me on my mail? and I'd be glad to know how is work there, how much is salary, cuz in contract it says that they get some extra, how about accommodation? can i choose the aria? what can you advise me as to new member in company? thank you an advance!

hey, didn't you get the email with all details when you were selected to attend the Assessment Day?
When you online status changed to 'you will be contacted by recruitment coordinator at the earliest', how long did you wait until you received your contract?


Congrats on passing the final interview! I've just had the last interview with a recruiter from Emirates/Dnata and am waiting for the result. I was told it will take 3 weeks to find out. About your accommodation, what I heard and what I know it's gonna be all shared bedroom with another person for ground staff at Emirates unfortunately. So if there are two rooms you would share the kitchen and the shower with 3 others.Only senior position like grade 7-8 above would get own accommodation or cabin crew do.

Hi there, i just got the offer from EK, airport service agent. So excited meanwhile the company doesn't off the accommodation, i'm starting to worry the expense there. Could you give me some advices? Thanks very much:)

Hi there!
I am thinking to apply for Emirates as Ground Staff.Can anybody help me,how is the accomodation,salary etc.And also how is life there?Is it expensive?

I look forward hearing from you :)

Thank you!

Wow it is a dream to work for Emirates I see myself as a very hard working reliable trustworthy and fun indiviual who takes pride in her work and only expects 100 percent and more for service

Hay firstly yayyyy many congrats plz could yoi tell me how I can apply its a dream come true for me but how can I apply plz can u help me you never know if I get through we might wotk together at least well have each others company

Plz plz plz I want to work for Emirates to plz help me apply

shabina :

Plz plz plz I want to work for Emirates to plz help me apply

I am sure Emirates have a website which you can access to seek work with them.

hey i was wondering how is the job so far with emirates?
are you a baggage handler?
how much do they pay?


Me too i just signed a contract with Emirates Airlines for a position of Airport Service Agent and gonna move soon to Dubai :)

Are you currently there ? How is it ? :)

Oh mu days how did u apply I so wanna move to dubai and start a new life there

Hey :)

May I ask how old you need to be to apply for ground staff?





Hi and welcome to the forum
As a new member could you introduce yourself to the forum.
When answering posts please give some information or advice about the subject matter.  In this case, 'working with Emirates' Thank you.

How u got theough emirates for ground staff? Kindly let me know the procedure.

It's an excellent company

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