Moving to another job in oman

Dear all

I have followed what is written in my contract by providing three months notice of my resignation. It is stated clearly that any party can terminate the contract by giving to the other one three months notice period. Suprisingly , my current employer reject my resignation on the basis of fullfilling contract period. Please advice me on my legal point of view for the contract terms of 3 months notice.

Thanks in advance

Hi basset11519,

If there is a formal contract, then what it says is final.

Your employer is silly to go back on what has been agreed.

The employer has no case in this matter.

Inform your employer that you have consulted with a labour lawyer and that he has strongly advised you to file a case against your employer for not honouring your employment contract.

That should knock some sense into them.

Thank you sir for clarification. Indeed it is a limited contract of two years,  i have fullfilled one year only. But there is one clause states that " any parties can terminate the contract by giving the other party a notice period of not less than three months". I have provided the notice but yet the ask me to fullfil the two years on the basis of shortage in staff. I refused and remind them of the clause. But again i can not go any where in Oman wothout giving noc!!

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