Need advise. Chances of getting a job?

Hi Members,

I am a Sri Lankan national married to a Malaysian. I have recently relocated to Malaysia (Johor), after years of employment in the Gulf.

As I see KL having more job openings than in Johor, I still have doubts whether or not companies in KL hire foreigners like they did before? Will I stand a chance?
I hold a Diploma in Business Management with experience in Low Voltage Switchgear business and I am 41.

I am willing to relocate to KL even for a job hunt but before that, do you see foreign recruitment still in place? Apart from qualification and experience, what are the odds I need to consider? On the Visa side, I am on Spouse visa and am free to engage in employment.

Please excuse me if my question may seem awkard but would respect your inputs.


Hi there.. they are still hiring and will continue to hire as well.. alot ally of foreigners in Kl.. another thing is you are having spouse visa so companies will be happy to take you as they dun have to waste time on work visa.. so Yea, you can happily go and source out for a job in kl

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Thanks for your response Mr Ganesh. I will sure consider a hunt.

There are a couple of areas where foreigners can't be employed because there are sufficient local talents - … /appendix/

This may be useful

very less chances but dont quit. lets have a try. Even i am trying to get a normal job since Jan 2016. Still searching. Although i do have my own spouse visa with work endorsement.

Take a try with Asia Plantation Capital,Malaysia. They might be hiring foreign spouses.

Wok Location stated as Johor Bahru … amp;src=44

Thanks kmunish16. I will sure try.

Thanks Gravitas. That's a great help.

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