buying a car in turkey

i am omer. lives in ankara. I've bought a car recently so i want to share the info about it.
I searched it's great place to find stuff like cars , apartment , electronics, ....
I wanted to buy my car from a dealer to be safe but i did not find the car i want with good price so i bought it from an individual person , i tested the car, drove it , it was fine but old need a few things , it is ok for 4700 TL , the car is tofas - kartal  92  . i did not wanted to go higher than 5000 TL  becouse i know that car insurance prices is high and i have to put some money aside just in case , you may need battrey , tire , jak, muayna (check) ... NO MATTER WHAT THE OWNER TELLS YOU. The owner of the car did lyed  to me alot but i know about cars and i tested myslef. 
after we agreed , we went to the nearest NOTER . and i got the money with me , after we signed the contract , i gave the owner the money in cash, and then i payed the contract fee  - about 200 TL . in process of makeing the contracts the noter will ask you do you read and right and he will test you with simple text line .  in the fatura ( bill ) that they gave me thier is contract fee wich is  about 110 TL , and thier is a ( trfik ) fee about 117 TL . remember it's 92 car if you buy a newer model you MAY pay more.
At the noter , you receive  three papers , 2 A4 temporary contract , and the bill , and do not forget the registeration id ( a small blue paper ) for the car and it has the check history they call it ( muayna ) it's two year period . make sure that the muaynan is not expire .if the period expire you have to get the car checked ( muayna ) at the check station ( arac muanasi istasyon ). they have open a new one in ankara lately. thier is a fee for the process i do not know how much becouse the car i bought got two months , but it's not much starting from 50 TL i think.
i and all the papers went to the insurance company * you have to * , i went to gunes sigorta , i payed 990 TL for one year , it's alot .
after that i went to security center ( emnyat merkez ) right beside ankamall , i parked the car at the mall park, it's free, removed the plates , put it in a sak .
entering the merkez, first window on the right i gave the clerck my papers and 20 TL , he filled my infos in a form and filed it to me, and he told me to go to another place on the right , thier i toke a number on machine (queue) , it's for new registeration window (yeni .. ) , waited my number for about 40 min , gave the clerck the papers, i saw him righting a new number to my car .
if you are foreign person ( yabanci ) you will get a new plate with new number starting with M letter .
he told me , about 2 hours go and get the car id from the recivement window .
they gave me car registeration id and a small paper.
the small paper gose to the plates printing facility (plaka basim ofis) , wich is outside the emnyat merkez but not too far you can walk to it , and i didi walked to the plaka basim it's on the right the same block , it's samll shop that i missed first.
got to the clerk , gave him the small paper with  about 42 TL . after less than 30 min i recived my plate hot from the shop , run to the car and installed the new plates.
one thing left , i should get back to the insurance company to inform them about the new plate number.
hope that you benefit from that info.

excuse my english

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