processing exit for dependents staying out side of Ksa

can anybody have info to help me on below query
if dependent is out side of KSA on ERE visa.  can we process exit visa. 
what is the procedure
do we have to still pay dependent fee.
is there obligation in this procedure to bring family on visit visa
what if they do not return even if the exit entry date is lapsed.  do we have to submit iqama to jawazat
advise which is ideal to apply exit prior to lapse of exit entry or just wait till the exit entry is lapsed

Pls advise. 
I guess most of the guys are looking for similar question...  pls reply with correct answer... thanks.

What I know is only that if ERE is expired and traveler hasn't came back to KSA then residence permit must be submitted in Jawazat within one month to avoid penalty. I suggest you visit JAwazat and seek for answer of all your queries.

I am having same problem
I went to Jawazat to cancel dependent's iqama after exit/rentry expiration. Jawazat officer took iqama the iqama of my family. However, I can still there names in Abshir and shows status Outside Kingdom.
My sponsor is unable to make final exit because the names still exist under my iqama.

Please advise

If your dependents re-entry visa is exipired you can erase their data from jawazath by submitting their original iqama and passport copies....

If the case is different and still your dependents have date in the re-entry visa you can do it the same procedure but in a different way by making a form called ISTIMARA on each dependents name while making the form you have to mention the need as خروج النهاي على مرافيكين في الخارج

Thank you for your response
I have submitted the iqama of my daugher to Jawazat after exit/rentry expiration
However the name is still appearing Abshir and status is "Outside the Kingdom"

I am wondering why the still not erased from Abshir and my employee is unable to make final exit until the name erases from Abshir

Please help.

dear all
thank you.

Absher app is not always correct...they still have lots of bugs to fix....try login in a computer website of absher and try your dependents final exit status

dear all
I visited Jawazat.  they informed the original iqama is collected after 30days when entry date is finished.
my concern is
if i call one dependent - out of three.  and apply exit for one depended
is it possible

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