Best Compound for kids

Hi Everyone,
I know this question has been asked and I have looked back to see the previous answers but some threads are a little out of date or I can't find information on specific compounds.
We are due to move to Bahrain next month, my 2 kids will be going to the BSB. I'm looking for a family friendly compound as the last place we lived in another GCC country was a bit out of the way and very quiet for the children. We have friends that live in Saar and so have looked in this area. It's kind of difficult at the moment as the summer holidays have started so lots of families already away on Summer break so compounds can seem a little like a ghost town. Any help much appreciated thank you :)

Try the tala area

A friend stayed at the Lagoona resort. Expensive but they've got kids pools, a private beach, after hours baby sitting and even a pony!

Hi Lindochka,

I am looking something on Tala Island as it might be a good place for kids and family living even if I am not very fan of private areas. However I can not trace any coumpound overthere. It is only villas or appartments. Maybe the resort you are mentionning is out of Tala. My kids should join the French School and I should work in the diplomatic area so guess Amwaj is the most convenient area.

Let me know if you got any tips that might be useful.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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