Introduction...Hi there.

Hi there Mauritius Community

I'm Marc and I'm moving to your island in 24 hours for a few months at least.  I know very little about Mauritius, and just learned 2 days ago I was going there.  I am happy though to be coming there, it sounds like a nice place to spend some time.

Is anyone going to that cocktail reception at the Hennesy Hotel?

Maybe I'll see you there, be nice to meet ya'll.

Kind regards,

Hi Marc,

I'll be attending at the coctail at Hennessy. Will be easy for me though I'm residing at that hotel right now till the end of June17.  I'll be here on the Island for a couple of years. Would be nice to meet you.

Kind regards,

Hey Secran

I'll look for you.


Hi Quinrov and scayir,

You can see the list of participants here : … p-bar.html
You will see that there are actually 43 going.

You will also meet some of the team there.
It will be fun. :)  :cool:

Thank you,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Well now you're making it sound like so much fun, how can I not go?



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