moving furniture from mainland

Iknow its pricey but have any of you priced it out ? wondering what an average price looks like?

we also own a 1957 chevy that we want to bring but cant find any info on the TAX that well have to pay for it, were wondering how they determine the tax for a car when shipping

Moving household goods as you started is expensive, there is no real average, the amount of space, the weight and the distance is different.

You need to call 2-3 movers to come give you an estimate.

We used U-Pack, and just used one "pod" (6' deep by 7' wide by 9'tall). It cost us $3,100 from San Antonio. We only brought boxes of stuff.

We looked at using a U-pack trailer, using 17' deep on it and the quote was $8,100.

We used PuertoRicoCarTransport for our car. It cost $1,800. PR tax on our 2013 Subaru Forester was $4,200.

We had no problems with either service.

We used Upack. It was $6,200.00. That's for a four bedroom house. We shipped from Jacksonville, FL.

I used La Rosa Del Monte and everything went well, even with the car. Good price, nice staff... At least in my case, Miami to PR.

I tried sending my car with Auto Transport 123 and the bastards tried to scam me. Good thing I recorded them.
They didn't want to see the "proof" that one of their employees promised something they were not going to offer me. This guy I spoke to said recording was "against the law", which is not in the state of NY where they're located. He tried to intimidate me and rob me, and failed.

Lesson learned: Every important transaction over the phone should be recorded!
Check "the law" in your area though.
There's 3 types of recording:
1- Both parties agree to recording.
2- One party agrees, the other doesn't know.
3- A third party records others without their knowledge.
# 3 is always illegal.
#1 is legal, and #2 it depends on what state.
If you hear them say that they will record you then THAT is THEIR consent. You don't need to ask them to record them.
If the party at fault is in a state that allows #2 type recording you're good even if you're state doesn't allow it.

About average price:
700 for house items. 1375 for car.
LRDM charges per box, except for larger items. They can come to your house and give you a free estimate.
Always try to pack and protect your stuff yourself. None of my things broke because I took extra care of that.

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