Seeking Housesit/rental in/nr Orba from Oct/Nov 2017 to Mar/Ap 2018

Hello all,
My partner, myself and our daughter (9) are looking for a house sit or rental for October/November 2017 to about April 2018.  We have been house sitting in southern Europe for several years and can care for animals/plants and gardens (much experience).  Modest clean facilities and surroundings are fine, (we don't need a pool, fancy views, etc...) -  if a rental, modest rents are also sought.  We would prefer something with a bit of nature around (ie not a soul-less apartment complex...) but that said, we are open to a variety of situations.   Our only definite requirement is that we need the space to be dry and mould free (health sensitivities) and we would like to be fairly close to Orba.  Thanks LOTS for any leads/suggestions.
R, N and K

Hi Mokee,

Welcome to the forum  :)

Please drop an advert in the Housing in Alicante section of the website. You might get an offer.

All the best,

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