Free Tour guide in Ho Chi Minh city

I'm myself not a baby any more, but I'm still a baby (to someone else). (I do hope so!!!) :par:

nice to see all here.

Hi people!
I 'd like to join kevhost's group if possible, I need more contact with foreigners to improve my language skills.
Feel free to contact me if you want a completely free tour guide in Ho Chi Minh city, I have free time at most nights in week and some weekend mornings. I'm kind of a street food expert if that is what you are looking for ;)).
Trieu Duong
duongtrieu.lei[at] - duongtrieu.lei[at]


i will be in hcmc next week, what can you help please.

For travelling?

Hi! Im Ryan from the Philippines! We are looking forward to meet new friends in vietnam who can guide us during our vacation from August 7-11. We are excellent english speaking professionals. Hoping to share our cultures and languages with you! Can you email if at solracnayr{at} if you can be available to meet us by then? Thanks!

That's great service. By the way how can you help the international tourist if you are in Singapore.

Thank you~

Wanna to join your group? How can I do that? Please response me ASSP

Hi im living in HCM. My Eng is good. Can i join your volunteer team?
Please let me know via email nguyendang182000[at]

Hi There,
I am  lucky to stumble upon this very helpful website as I will be traveling with some friends to HCM on Wed 23 to Sun 27 September 2015. It will be great to for us to meet locals to guide us in English to visit HCM especially to accustom to the local culture and try out local dishes as well. In return we can exchange English - Vietnamese language too and share our culture too. I hope that you can contact me at benjychang2012[at] asap to make the necessary arrangement to meet you soon!...:-)).
Thanks & CYA soon,


I have some foreigner friends coming to HCMC in middle Sep. There are about 4 to 5 of them. Are you able to provide some good tourist guides for my male friends.. Must be good at English and be familiar around town, eating, shopping, leisure activities etc.


Hi you guys,
I'm living in Ho Chi Minh city, I also want to join the group to help you guys. However, I'm only free in evening.

. You can contact with me if you need help.

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May i join as a visitor? i have lived in HCMC alone and want to improve English too.
Please let me know the time and place for meeting day : *********** Thanks a lot.

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Dear sir,
I am a teacher and we would like to visit Saigon between 9th February and 12th February 2016. I understand that this is time of TET festival but I do hope you can get me a student tourist guide to show us around. We don't mind to pay the student a little " Lucky Money" during that period. There are 3 of us, my wife, my daughter and myself. I hope you can help me to arrange someone to meet us at my hotel in Saigon. I do hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Barry Khoo

I am from Malaysia. My wife, daughter and myself will visit HCMC during the TET holiday. can you show me a little bit of saigon during that time? Thanks.

Hi Barry,

Let me check and revert to you.


Thank you very much Tom.



Hi Barry,

Yes, I have a Vietnamese tour guide for you. Her name is Helen and she can speak English. he will bring you and your family around. Let me have your schedule so that we can plan out your programs.


Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am very happy you have arranged a Vietnamese tour guide for me.
My schedule will be like this:
I arrive Saigon on 9th February 2016 at 8am. It will be great if I can have a half day city tour in the afternoon around 1pm.
On 10th February, I plan to go to Cuchi by public transport on our own as it is too expensive to join the local trip.
On 11th February, I have not planned anything else. Do you have any suggestion?
We will go back to Malaysia on 12th February in the morning.
By the way, how much do I have to pay Helen for just a half day trip on 9th February? When I was in Hanoi, I had a Free guide from Hanoikid, and we just pay for the transport, the entrance fees and her lunch. I don't know how it works in Saigon. Please advise.

Until then, bye and keep in touch.

Barry Khoo

Hi Barry,

Can you provide me your email address?
I will send your some suggestions and ideas.


Hi Tom,
This is my email.


Barry Khoo

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Hi Barry ,

Your email address to me has been censored by the administrator.
Contact me at ***


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Hi Tom,

can you email me?
This is my email address.


Best regards,

Barry Khoo

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Dear Host,

I am from Hochiminh. At this moment i have just resigned from work and done some traveling. I would like to be a free tour guide in Saigon with my flexible and available time. My only second language - English is about at fair level. Hope i can help or support you guys so far. Please contact me at: ***

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Hi Kevhost.
can i joint your group?
i'm working so i'm can join on sunday or at the night weekend
i want to improve my english. let's contact me at email: ***
see you soon!

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Hello.    Are you all still offering the free tours around the city . .? We would like a tour.    Our email is.   ***.    Thanks !  Sherry

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