Retiring to Portugal

Hello all

My husband (Peter) and I (Alfi) are wanting to retire  to somewhere near Casal De Rainha sometime during 2018. We are from South Africa, so, obviously the exchange rate is somewhat of an issue for us. Any advice on rentals and cost of living would be highly appreciated. 

We are both still able to work (as a means to supplementing our pensions and savings). We are both computer literate and currently I am a Virtual Secretary.

We love wine, jazz and good food.

Looking forward to you replies.

Hi there Alfi,
May I ask you why are you thinking about moving to Casal da Rainha (near Alvaiázere, right?) and not to another location in Portugal?

Hi Pedro

My daughter has been there and loves it. Also we don' t want to live in the South as it is too busy.


Hi Alfi,

ok. understood.
If you wish I can try to find something near that area.. do you want to rent an house or buy could also be an option?

Regarding the cost of life, that depends of your life style but for a family of two you should count with something like that:
- House rent: 500€-750€ (but depends on the house characterics and localization);
- Water: 30€-50€
- Electricity: 50€-75€
- Meal (lunch/ dinner): 10€/ pax (standard meal with dish, soup, drink and dessert) .» If you look for something more luxurious you will need to count with 20€-25€/ pax
- Cofee (expresso): 0,60€
- Bottle of water (0,5l): 1€
- Bread: 0,15€
- Car fuel: 1,1€/ l
- Mac Donalds Meal: 6€
- Jazz session: 20€-50€/ pax
- Bottle of Wine: 3€ (supermarket), 10€ (restaurant) but you can ask for a glass of wine and it will cost around 3€

How does it compares with your reality?


Hello Pedro

Thanks for your reply. You are very helpful and it is really appreciated.

The costs are what we are expecting as I did check with "numbeo". Although we are coming through to retire we are also hoping to find temporary work to add to the budget. Also hopefully our Government can get rid of our "not much loved President" and the ZAR/Euro exchange rate might go better for us.

I will keep in touch as closer to the time (as I said we are only going to leave next year May) I will make contact.

Thanks again

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