Resizing Profile Photo

Hi forum members:

I do not see the tools to resize my large photo for my profile. It is large and does not fit. Please advise how you made your photo smaller to fit on the profile page.


Follow the instruction thru to upload the pic
When you are presented with the pic it's partial shaded ...draw out the lines on top and bottom to clear the area you wish to use...the area left shaded will not be used

If that doesn't work, install free Monosnap for Mac or windows. Pretty easy tool for cropping and resizing.

I uploaded the picture from my gallery and resized the picture using the dotted limes on the screen. But then no other instructions to save or proceed. Yet the picture doesn't save automatically. There should be an instructions what to do next after adjusting the picture. But none. I don't know why.

Just tried it...nothing happening...perhaps it's had too many Ba Ba Ba,s ( 333)....try it again tomorrow!

There is a "save " button in green bottom right hand side.

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