Work Visa for Certified Teacher but not TEFL/CELTA etc.

Hi all,
I am looking to move to Vietnam (ideally Da Nang, but open to the big cities as well) within the next few months!  I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Education.  I keep reading that a certification is required to receive a work visa and job in Vietnam, but no one has been able to clarify for me if that certification MUST be TEFL/CELTA etc. or if I can achieve it with my certification to teach in the states.  Any advice is appreciated!

Depending on the state, you may or may not have certification.  In my state, certification only happens after two years.  You say you have a Bachelor of Arts so I assume that you have an add-on certificate.  I have a BEd and I have read that the BEd obviates the need for a TEFL course for a work permit.  My lawyer, in going over my documents, initially said she would not need the TEFL Certificate, thought about it for a few seconds and said we had better submit both.  The risk is that you will come up against a bureaucrat who does not know the law, which is not at all unheard of in VN.  You have an added risk of same as your degree is a BA.

If you were a truly experienced teacher, I would say just take a quickie course but I would recommend the CELTA to you.  It is a four week full time course and has a hands on observed component.  This will probably seem easy after your full semester of student teaching but it will still be worth you while.  Taking the course in Vietnam also gives you a month to acclimate in HCMC before you move to Da Nang.

Thank you so much!  I appreciate your advice!  I am looking into TEFL courses because they are a little more affordable, do you think that there is that big of a difference from CELTA?  Good to hear about someone else's experience.

Faylors :

do you think that there is that big of a difference from CELTA?

No I don't particularly in your case as you should have a full semester of student teaching under your belt.  However, don't expect the people doing the hiring to know that.  Consider that if you can make only $2/hr more with a CELTA, which is entirely possible, the certificate will pay for itself in one year.  That is based on a 20 hr face time week which is basically full-time.

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