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I just came from Budapest today, and on the last day of my trip there I had the worst experience ever . I had to catch the bus for the aeroport so I was in a hurry. Used the metro to go to Deak Ferenc and stoped to bay my ticket, validated it and show to the control in metro entrance. When I arrived to Deak station at the exit some people stoped me to show the ticket and unfortunately I couldn't find it, mybe I just have thrown it away I dont remember because I really was in a hurry. So they asked me to pay the fine and I was nit able to pay it and they write a ornage paper so I can pay it later,but I might not go to Budapest for years. Dont know how and is it very importanat to pay it!

An officer asked you for your ticket, you couldn't provide it so you got a fine.

I'm not seeing what the question is here.

I dont live in budapest how can I Pay it and what if I dont pay it

There must be a address or phone number listed on your ticket.
If you do not pay there is a chance that they will contact your embassy in whatever country you live in and see about them collecting from you. They take non payments of travel tickets seriously here.
You are not the first or the last tourist to run into trouble with tickets and agents.
My 67 year old very respectable cousin who has a PHD, a family and has funds visited us last summer. In fact he was here again just a few days back but this visit we didn't bother with the BKK, we drove everywhere instead.
Anyways, last summer we walked in the heat from the castle to downtown, just couldn't go any further on foot, the heat was murder.
My HU husband can ride for free, I had a ticket but my cuz and his wife used the ticket machine to buy their tickets on the old underground line to the city park.
The machine was messing up, many people were not able to buy a ticket and their was no booth at that stop.
We tired and finally a ticket came out, we didn't look at it and got on the subway,agents asked for tickets, then we saw for some reason only a piece of paper and no ticket had come out of the machine. I had 2 extra tickets but of course the agent wouldn't take those he wanted to give out tickets .
As many people had issues with the machine that one agent walked away for a min. I knowing how big a deal and how embarrassing and strange it was for my cuz just grabbed his arm and told his wife to follow me quick. I made them run away out of the station and down the st. My husband sort of blocked the agent telling him it was their fault etc. because the machine was out of order and that it was a good excuse to scam tourists as that was a popular line for them to use.
The agent told my husband to move or he would punch him in the face! My husband is nearly 70 years old too.
We got clean away and as I had not seen my cuz for 58 years since I was a baby I thought it was sort of fun to have a odd "adventure" with my older cuz. His wife informed me later that we were lucky he didn't go nuts on the agent for holding my husband back and keeping him for awhile and telling him he would punch him out, my cuz was in Vietnam as a young man and suffered from PTSD. It was hard enough for him to go underground on the subway.
All good .
My husband and I also had 2 female agents go off on us once when we first moved back to HU.
We had bought monthly passes but without knowing since we had not even left the bus, we had crossed out of the city limits by one stop.
The agents two toothless hags with no style at all, screamed at me to pay right then and there or they would call the police and lock me up. My husband was sitting a bit away from me as the bus was packed. Of course they came up to me first while people who knew they had no ticket snuck off the bus. I stood out as a easy target for their extortion. Hubby came over he was also given a ticket because of going over by one stop. He had a screaming match with these evil witches but decided to pay and not risk getting a heart attack over it, 12,000 F right then and there.
Later people told us that they were suppose   to offer to sell us a ticket for about 75 cents each before giving out the large ticket to us. We sort of think they get a kick back on every ticket they write out, hench their terror attack on me.
After that I never bought another monthly pass , been 6 years or more, I only carry a few tickets for emergencies and walk or drive instead.
We at the time complained to then BKV but they said since we paid we had admitted guilt. Can't win for losing with them.
Good luck, pay up or one way or the other they will fine you more in late fees.

Why wouldn't you pay it?

Trying to help: You said you were given an orange paper. Was this a payment slip? If it was, then it should have information of who to make the payment too and you can do the payment by bank transfer (even internationally).

To be honest I dont feel like I should pay becouse I never ever get in a metro bus or tram without a ticket, and I really did pay my ticket that morning but have no idea how I lost it I was in a hurry to catch my shuttle to Airport. In The ticket I got there is no phone number just a the number 16000 that I should pay and its from Post office. Have no Idea how to pay it if I want to. Maybe I can contact the embassy in my country, we are not part of EU.

Yes, you should find a way to pay the fine.

But they are not going to contact your embassy. Nor ask Interpol to track you down. Embassies and Interpol don't get involved in this sort of thing.

I seem to recall that years ago there were a couple of rules -- on backpacks, and transfers at Deak Tér -- that caught many foreigners, no excuses accepted. At least those traps have been eliminated.

True, probably not a embassy issue but they could always send it to a collection agency.
Pay it, before they add late fees.
Doesn't really matter if you had a ticket or not, they will not just take your word for it. Next time hold onto the ticket until you leave the station. Look it over twice to make sure it was punched in the machine.

Dafina1244 :

there is no phone number just a the number 16000 that I should pay and its from Post office.

The 16,000 may be the fine amount in Forint.

If you should pay at the post office, I would recommend contacting the post office for help directly by phone or email, explaining the issue, using the "For information on general postal cases" section at:

You can call or email them in English.

Thank you very much all for the advices. Really appreciate it!

You can also look online for BKK
I looked it up, they have a English site
e-mail: bkk[at]
Phone: +36 1 3 255-255
another address for BKK for issues with tickets was listed as:
same phone number with the menu of 1.7 ( not sure if that is the extention no.)
Open Mon-Thurs. 7:30 to 16
Fri till 14:30

That's right the 16000 was probably the amount to pay.
That's roughly about $50.

Contact the court if a payment request comes. You can travel in Budapest.

Tamás :

Contact the court if a payment request comes. You can travel in Budapest.

Sorry, no offense intended, but I am not sure what you mean by "You can travel in Budapest".  :/

If you mean travel to Budapest to deal with this, there is no need to travel to Budapest. It can all be dealt with by mail or electronically.

Okay, I got you wrong. This is a yellow check, you can pay in the post office or in the center of the BKK. Adress:1075 Budapest, Akácfa u. 7. Nevertheless, there is no need to travel to the metro anyway.

They are hot on fines. If you don't pay it and decide to return at any time it could show up and cost twice as much.

Tamás :

Okay, I got you wrong. This is a yellow check, you can pay in the post office or in the center of the BKK. Adress:1075 Budapest, Akácfa u. 7.

You might have missed that the OP is no longer in Hungary. Paying at a post office or at the BKK office in person is not an option.  ;)

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