My father wants to leave US and return home to Jamaica

My dad is originally from Jamaica and moved to the USA about 25 years ago. He is 67 and retired and wanting to spend his last years in Jamaica. I have tried emailing social workers to get information on healthcare, practitioners and living situations in Jamaica and have not received a response. My dad has frontal lobe dementia with aphasia. He has a nephew who is willing to provide a home and hire a caregiver to help him with cooking and medications. What are the types of insurance companies in Jamaica for 65 and older? Any recommendations on general practitioners, neurologist or psychiatrist? If this happens I want to make sure he has doctors appointments when I drop him off.  He makes $1500 a month in social security. Can he live off of this? What are some of the cost for the hospital? Please any advice or help would be helpful.

Hope things have settled with your father. If not there is a very good medical Centre in Fair View , Montego Bay called  GWest. It has excellent facilities, there is also a medical Centre in st James called Pure Care Medical Centre.

Best of luck

Hello NattyBear,
I read your post with great interest as my mother in law has just turned 63 and has a family history of dementia. She lives in Maypen.

Did you get answers to your questions? If so please share them. I have no idea what our options would be if she was to become ill.

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