Pub and/or Lebanese restaurant in budva and/or Kotor

Hi everyone.
My family and I have visited Montenegro several times and we've registered a company and bought some property a few years back.
We're thinking of relocating to Montenegro this year, we are Lebanese but we live in dubai.
My questions are:
- would it be a good idea to open a Lebanese restaurant and/or English pub for tourists?
- in winter, can we keep the business open for locals, or is it not worth the trouble?
- what are good ideas to keep our income in the winter? Food delivery service? Grocery store?
- I was thinking of putting my kids in KSI, is it a good school and is it hard to get into?
I would appreciate any input :)

Hi Dina

1. There is a Lebanese restaurant in Tivat and two more in Podgorica.
2. Not many tourists at the coast in winter but there are plenty of locals and expats living there so it might be a good idea to keep it open.
3. Lots of ideas here, you just have to spend enough time observing and trying to come up with something that would work best.
4. It isn't difficult to get into any international school in Montenegro. There is no particular criteria because there isn't so many kids so there is always available space. Check out Arcadia Academy (Cambridge school) as well, along with KSI in Tivat.

Good luck!

Thanks tljana, I appreciate your reply.
So you think, a restaurant, cafe, a good idea?
And in your opinion, would food delivery service work?

Hi Dina,
I believe there is still plenty of room for good restaurants in Montenegro, and obvisouly my preference would be for Tivat since I live there :)
If you manage a good mix of good atmosphere, good quality food, and reasonnable prices, you can manage to stay open all year. A good example is Al Posto Giusto in Porto Montenegro which is open all year round, and is busy even in week days in the winter.
Deliveries can be a good idea as well, especially if it is not Pizza which is the usual type of delivery food here.
Good luck

Thank you carine, very helpful as well.
I'll let you know :)
Have a great day

Hi Dina

Ahlan wa Sahalan

There is already english pubs in towns but not Lebanese restaurant. There is Thai restaurant in Buda which seems to be doing well.

I love Lebanese food and just maybe have an idea for location to begin to test the market.

I am brit who has lived in middle East and have been living in montenegro for five years now so can help with sourcing some of ingredients.

Write me if you are still interested.

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