Good quality makeup in Casa.

Hello everyone !
Hope you all doing well.
I need help finding good quality original make up brands in Casablanca.
My husband's cousin its getting married soon and unfortunately I left all my make up kits in London.
Flormar and Yves Rocher dont go along with my skin.  M.A.C  or Estee Lauder would be great.
Please  someone direct me where I can look .

Cheers !

Hello, there is a MAC shop in Morocco Mall in Casablanca.

Fantastic !! Thank you so much

One more question is there something Sephora like here ? Few brands at the same place ?

Yes! there is one in souk jotiya derb ghallef

Nothing to thank, there is also a shop in Anfa Place, which is called beauty success. You can find there make up, cosmetics and perfume from famous brands.

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