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Hi everybody,

I am on holiday at the moment visiting my girlfriend.
I want to live and work in Germany, but to find a job is hard when you do not speak the language, I am working on it.
I have a problem with Health Care insurance. I am currently unemployed and I am not sure whether my partner can insure me against ill health.
Does anybody know if I can still use my EHIC card after I register or how long is it valid for after I register?

Can anybody suggest, a good Health Care plan that takes new citizens coming from the EU community?

Any help would be welcome


I don't know what is an EHIC card. But when you live in Germany, it is compulsory to have a German health insurance. Your spouse or registered partner (if he/she is in the public health insurance) can insure you as dependant as long as you have no own income. If you cannot be insured as a dependant, you have to register for an insurance by yourself (and pay the fees). Ask at the (public) health insurance of your partner, or any other, about how to join. (Procrastinating does not help, because you will retroactively be charged the fees from the moment you took up residence in Germany!)

Hi Beppi,

and many thanks for your help,
We are not married yet. My Partner is french and works here in Germany.
She sent a mail to her insurance yesterday and we are waiting for the answer.


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