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Hello, My name is Maryam and I am a student currently residing in Saudi Arabia.
Due to the upcoming tax problems me along with my family are thinking of shifting to Sudan.

My dad have an experience of nearly 40 years working as a mechanic and having a workshop of his own in Madinah Al Munawarrah. He wants to do some sort of business in Al Khartoum city and appoint some workers there, maybe a showroom of cars or have a workshop there similar to Madinah or auto parts.

I want to ask that is this sort of business successful in Khartoum and if not, then what kind business the most successful there? and How much can it cost approximately?

Your help would be appreciated,
Thank you.

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Dear Maryam

How do you do

Doing business in Sudan is a very good idea in my opinion IF YOU HAVE A CASH TO START WITH, so after traveling to most places except North & South America & Australia i found its the most perfect place to open a business because in most cases you dont need a company plus there is almost no taxes or very minimal but to do that you need to know the right people like most places that having economic issues there is a lot of conning artist well they are not as smart as the one you read about though.

E.G you can buy 10 cars in your name & rent them without any problems, buy heavy equipments and rent them same way but i am not sure how it works with a foreigners name but there is always a solution, Sudanese are naively kind & there is a solution for everything.

I wouldnt recommend him opening a a mechanic shop or auto dealer before he spend sometime in Sudan because auto market is unique here, Korean cars are 2 time the price of German cars a Hyundai Accent 2001 or 2002 model is 7K USD while a german car same year model is half the price usually. On the contrary it would be a very good idea to open a mechanic shop because most mechanics are still working old ways there is a very big room for improvement just proceed carefully like any other business.

Most successful business is Agricultural kinds because of the country nature but the government is making it hard to import agri equipments & force people to buy from their Sudanese owned companies which is sometimes 5 times the international price e.g a good working tractor is about 2000 USD while in s=Sudan almost 10K & so on. Raising animals is also have great value, you can breed any types of cattle and get almost 100% profit in 3 to 6 months.

In general Sudan lacks a lot of basic manufacturing in almost every sector.

Main issue is the unstable USD to SDG rate.

Hope that helps


Hello sir,
I am as fine as i'll ever be.

Thank you so much for sparing time to give me an answer and your reply actually helped a lot. I will tell my father about it and lets see what can he do.

Thank you once again.

Your welcome

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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