Expat in Romania found new job in Netherlands

I am helping my expat friend.
So she is an expat working here in Romania, she is under contract for two years.
But she found a better offer in Netherlands.

What is the process of resignation here?
Do they need to cancel her contract at the Romanian labor office and get a clearance sort of?


She can quit in a number of ways. The easiest is one which involves both parties (the employee and employer) agreeing to part ways. In this case, she should prepare a written request to the employer stating the date she wants to bring the contract to an end, be that the next day or after a month. This should then be signed and stamped by the employer. There is, in this case, no need to work out a notice period, even if one is stated on the contract.

If the employer isn't willing to let her go by mutual consent, then she'll have to hand in her written notice and work out the notice period stated on her work contract (she should have a copy).

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