Living in Spain commuting to UK for work

I am about to move to Spain, but will be commuting to the UK to do my work as will only be a few days per month. No work will be carried out in Spain - the revised contract makes that clear.

The company accountant says in this situation I will pay tax and NI in the UK. I will have to declare my world-wide income in Spain but I would not be liable for Spanish Social Security as I am commuting.

The company already has someone doing this from France, but I thought I would check this also correct for Spain?


Tricky one to answer.
France is not Spain so one cannot compare. Spanish authorities will have their own views on what your status will be.
Two ideas:
1*Suggest you get an assessoria near to where you want to live and let them do the leg work for you.
2*Or search the internet for a company called  Blevins Franks. They should be able to help
Remember nothing will be fee no matter which route you take.

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