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Hi all,

We are a family of 6–with 2 kids in junior high school, and 2 kids below 3 years old–considering of moving to Canada as PRs.

Just checking if anyone has had a success story on getting through the Express Entry (EE) recently ie. 2017? Would you kindly share with me:

1. How long were you in the pool, before being invited for the EE application?

2. Would you mind sharing your score?

3. Do you know for how many months of bank statement shall we need to submit as the supporting document to prove that we have the necessary fund?

4. I have heard that, it will take a while for you to get a job after landing PRs in Canada. Do you think Finance (Oil and Gas) and also Data Science/IT line would be an issue nowadays there? We are looking to settle down in Calgary or Vancouver.

5. To those with kids in high schools–how would you grade the education system and the school environment there as compared to the UK or anywhere?

6. And how about child care for kids below 3, anyone with experience on this? Is it expensive?
I know that it is quite expensive in the UK. Will you be given aid to support the cost if you are a PR?

7. Can anyone suggest websites for good rental property management company in Calgary or Vancouver or any good general ones that cover both of these cities?

Your kind help in answering the questions is highly appreciated.

Many thanks!


Many thanks for your time in answering my queries. It's very helpful.

Anyone with scores around 390-410 and recently be given an ITA?

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