Advice on the Expat Lifestyle Options in Vung Tau

I'm coming to Vung Tau during the first 2 weeks of October 2017 and hoping to connect with some Kiwi's, Aussies or anyone English speaking who have found a niche for themselves in this part of the world.
Currently working as a teacher/special needs advisor in NZ but looking at retirement options for the not too distant future.  Something to give life purpose but not too stressful.  Likely for 6 months of each year. Looking to enjoy life!
Have had ideas about finding an already established cafe / coffee house and being available for conversational English practice for locals but open to any possibilities or opportunities.
Love to chat with anyone who has tread this path before me.

You'll easily meet numerous members of the expat community in VT. It's a small city and there's an area where many live and restaurants and bars where they hang out. Most are Aussies but many other nationalities are represented as well. There is always someone to help you out, give advice or point you in the right direction, both expat and locals.

There are several language exchange clubs/events and many locals that want to practice English. There are also a number of language schools where you can teach part-time.

There is one 'international' school (SIS), but I don't think they have many openings. Anyway, there are opportunities and ways to stay busy.

I don't know about cafes or 'english clubs' in VT, but it is a nice little city. If you were interested in volunteering, that could be rewarding. Viet Nam has a small wealthy class and a smallish middle class, and those families send their kids to expensive English centers so they can get admitted to overseas college.
The rest of the regular kids and young adults can also benefit by improving their English, in the shape of more opportunities and higher wages in vocational jobs, such as hospitality. It can make a real difference for their family. Since you are a teacher, I think if you arrived with a plan and a some workbooks, you could set yourself up in a cafe or small restaurant and start a mini-program in the neighborhood. Something I have thought about but I'm not a teacher, maybe someday!

Thanks Gobot!
Your comments made me feel quite positive about the possibility of working alongside those who can't afford the expensive English classes.  Think I'm more suited to conversational English than teaching grammar etc.

Thanks Johnross23
Like the sound of how easy it is to make expat connections.

You may be quite surprised upon arrival to find out how small VT actually is.  :D

Kiwi Robyn :

Think I'm more suited to conversational English than teaching grammar etc.

More fun - all you need is a set of text books for inspiration and a lot of imagination.
If you use Powerpoints with lots of pictures it makes life easy for you and the students.

Hi Kiwi Robyn,
My name is Tú and is a local people, I am living in Vũng Tàu, but i was born in Hai phong city 2000km away from Vũng Tàu. I have been moved Vung Tau and worked here since 2011 as an engineer in shipbuilding industry. Vũng Tàu is a beach city, also is oil and gas industrial city, a small city belong to Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.
I like to learn foreigner language and speacial is english but i just can speak a little english in conversation, i can write better than speak. I know English is a big language and need to practice so much if want to improve english fluently speaking and listening skill.
My email is ***
If you visit to Vungtau, feel free to contact me.
Best regard,

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Hi Tu
Vung Tau sounds like a great place to live.
Will contact you through this site after I get there.

Hi Kiwi Robyn, I am Hon Ly , a Vietnamese born Chinese, currently an US citizen and returning to retire and living mainly in Vung Tau.

Come to feel it for yourself!

Anyway, if you need any help relating to Vung Tau, i will be glad to help you any way i can. Just let me know. Good day!

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Hi there I take it you are already in Vung Tau and hope you are enjoying it , myself and family ( husband and 15 year old) are moving there for a year in August. Could you recommend any ladies expats groups to me as I would like to make contact before I leave and once there.

I'm not sure if there are any organized expats groups in VT. It's a pretty small place, so meeting other expats is just a matter of going outside,  Places like Matilda's and Belly's are where many can be found, or events like Quiz Night at Cask.

If you want to make contacts before arrival, you can send a private message to any members here on this website. Just click on their profile name.

If you're on Facebook, search for "expats in Vung Tau". There are several groups there.

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