Temporary residency in SMA

Greetings all!

I'm a US/Canadian dual citizen living in Quebec, Canada with my wife and 2 daughters. We are looking seriously at the possibility of moving to San Miguel for 2 - 3 years (or 4 and into permanent residency if we love it...). It's been a little tricky to understand the Temporary Residency Visa — maybe someone can give me advice? I'm also trying to get more information from the local consulate, but responses are not easy to come by.

I have 2 primary questions about the Temporary Residency Visa:

1) I am self-employed, working from home — and can work from home anywhere that has internet access. Is it possible for the TR Visa to be designed to permit me to work as a self-employed individual ("sole prop") while in Mexico? If this is the case, I'd definitely meet the "solvency" requirement for monthly income... but I'm not sure I'm reading it all correctly.

Note that as a Canadian citizen + resident, and US citizen, who has clients in California, every year my tax returns are prepared for both Canada and the US (my income is considered Canadian, and the Canadian taxes currently offset any taxes I would pay to the US). I know there would be a similar tax situation in Mexico (there's a follow-up question about tax agent recommendations... but first thing's first :-)

2) My wife is studying with a school program which is in England — again, remotely. Can the TR Visa permit her to continue studying in this way?

Any advice you can send is very much appreciated. Thank you!


Hi David,

I recommend you go to Sonia Diaz´s website. She is a long-term SMA expert on the temporary and permanent visa process. She is also available to help individuals with the paperwork.

Her website is: soniadiaz.mx/immigration---visas.html


Hi Melanie, thank you for your response and pointing me to Sonia's site. Looks very helpful! :-)


Thanks Melanie. Happy to help.


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