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Hi everyone,

My name is Lindsey and I currently live in Stoke on Trent with my husband and 2 children (ages 2 & 4). My husband has been offered a job in Thomasville, Georgia and we are trying to decide if to stay or go. Such a tough decision.

We have been advised that Tallahasse would be the best place to live if working inThomasville. What do you think? What is that area like? What's the best area to live? Any information would be great.

Thanks in advance

Depending on exact locations in both cities you are looking at one-way commutes of an hour plus. Rural area with closest real shopping in Jacksonville, FL or Columbus, GA or Pensacola, FL. Day trips at least.

I wouldn't live in Tallahassee while working in Thomasville because:

-  The daily commute would cut into my family time.
-  The wear and tear on the car would add to my monthly expense, especially when the cost of gas is higher in FL than in GA.
-  Cost of living overall, but especially in housing, is lower in Thomasville than in Tallahassee. Housing is definitely much lower in Thomasville. Gernerally speaking, my money would go farther in GA than in FL.

What I like about Thomasville:

-  It's a small town near a big city.
-  It's true Southern hospitality and gentle living.
-  It's a beautiful historic small town. 
-  It's recognised as Georgia's Rose City (its annual Rose Festival began almost 100 years ago.)

Coming from Stoke on Trent, Thomasville might be a big adjustment for you though. The population (only a fraction of your city), is split evenly between blacks and white, something you may not used to see and live with in Staffordshire.

The demographic is not that different in Tallahassee either since the much larger city is the home of Florida A&M (FAMU), one of the largest historically black universities in the States.

Your bio indicates that you like to dance and love a party, so Tallahassee with its younger demographic (a college town, with 70K students combined between FSU, FAMU, and TCC) might be a better fit than Thomasville.

Best areas in Tallahassee to live: North, East, and Northeast, such as Waverly Hills, Avondale, Killearn, Golden Eagle, Betton Hills, Buck Lake, Jackson Lake, Bobbin Brooks, and Maclay.

In FL, the farther north you go, the more Southern it gets, and the areas mentioned above have more of a GA genteel than FL. Those areas are also more established with greener parks and better elementary schools.

Some good comments already  :top:

One distinction I would note is that Florida has no state income tax, While Georgia does.  It may be worth keeping in mind

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It's true that FL doesn't have income tax, but since her husband will be working in GA, they would have to pay GA state income tax as nonresidents.

Wow thanks everyone for your advice. I really appreciate it. The commute time does bother me a little and the smaller the better really as my husband will be working long hours so I may be on my own with the children quite a bit anyway.

I love the thought of a traditional town and mixed communities although yes your right it would be a culture change for me.

These questions might sound daft but are there lots of guns and are alligators an issue? I'm not used to either of these things and don't know what to expect. I've looked up about Florida and seen aligators in people's pools he he 😬

Thanks in advance x

FL gun laws allow adults to carry loaded firearms while en route to fishing, hunting, camping, and practice shooting, but not toting them openly in public.  Law enforcers are exempted from this law of course.

GA gun laws are more liberal, but I had never actually seen anyone (aside from police officers) carrying a gun in the malls or on the streets in GA.  You can read about GA gun laws here:

Alligators are everywhere in FL, but all you have to do is being careful that neither you nor the children sticking your arms or legs into the water without checking it out thoroughly, and always on the look out when coming near a body of water.  You'll have to be vigilant about what's in the water when living in FL.  In GA, not so much -- but it doesn't mean FL gators would stop at the state line, turn around, and leave GA water alone.  Gator sightings do happen in GA every now and then, so an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Georgia and Florida allow open carry but the likelihood that you will see guns on hips at the grocery store outside of deer or turkey season is not very high.


Tallahassee, FLA the football city will be the best bet.
Its only 35 miles from Thomasville. GA.  35 miles one way is pretty much nothing around here. you could do it in 45 minutes time depending on traffic etc.
My recommendation once you get settle down here, find another job in FLA and move there permanently.
Whats his specialty job wise?  if he is IT, it will be rather easy to find a job.

all the best

Hi, thank you very much for your response. We were thinking of Tallahassee really. What do people do in there spare time there? What is daily life like? My husband is an engineering manager and it is his firm that he works for here in the U.K moving him out. Is Tallahassee a good place to be with young children?is it safe? What about Thomasville? Thanks again for all your info. Lindsey

Great thank you. It's hard to know what to expect as it seems a world away from what I'm used to. Lindsey


Tallahassee is a college town. Florida State U is located there. Its a great school to be found in the NFL if one plays for the college. I am talking about Football- not soccer.
Usually, people in Fla are laid back. Just take it easy and no one is in any hurry to do anything.
The weather is great with an average of 79.5 F. best place to get a sun tan.
property taxes are around 1 %, however, there is a sales tax on every item you purchase I think 6%.
No inheritance taxes, no Income taxes.  Retirees just love this place.
You will certainly like this place and the people are just nice too depending on where you find your housing.


Thank you for the information. The people sound nice and chilled which I like.  :) Can I ask if there is any money to be made in property renovation? I have seen some properties in need of work for some great prices but not sure if a renovation would make any money like it can do here in U.K.

Definitely yes!   Depends how well you market and present your services.
A hard hitting website would be a good start and publish in social media. Guess what, you could be the next Donald Trump


Oh thank you. That's good news. I would probably start small and renovate a house myself. Next Donald Trump, he he  :o

He is a Billionaire.   it did not happen by chance.
And he went to become the President of the USA.

Cleaning up the Mess in DC

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