Looking to relocate in Tanzania

Hi all,

My name is Hana El Hayek, Lebanese single lady, multilingual (English, French, Arabic) with an extensive banking experience in middle east (Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait). I am looking for a new challenge in Africa. I think Tanzania is a good, friendly location. I believe that I will learn a lot and I can also add value. (Win/win).
I am looking for a managerial corporate banking position. I am noticing that despite my impressive CV  it is not easy anymore to get an offer due to work permits rules.
I am also open to any suitable career move with NGO, International groups....
Please I will be grateful to receive any advice because I believe that nothing is impossible.Dreams always come true when you are encountered by positive thinking friends.

Hi Hana,

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Feel free to drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website so that you might land an opportunity : Jobs in Tanzania

You may also contact these professionals to inquire : Jobs in Tanzania

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Thanks Bhavna

You should try in Uganda and Kenya as well. An expat getting a job in Tanzania, like you experienced, wont be that easy.

Thanks for your reply. Could you share any name of international recruitment agency? It seems not easy .


Please send your cv to *** and let me see what I can do

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hi Hana , what's your education level? bachelor degree? masters?

hi Hana , Regarding to your proffesion? Can you teach ?perhaps teaching at international schools?

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