Relocating to Nepal

Dear All,

My name is Lorant (37/m), and I am from Budapest Hungary. I currently working as B2B marketing manager for an IT company.

As a person, I am open and outgoing, interested in vast majority of topics from astronomy to biology. :) I also do read a lot of books on self improvement, however a I can swap it for a criminal genre if it gets my attention. I regularly run and work out, this year I will complete my first Trifecta in the Spartan Race competition.

I am currently gathering information about Nepal such as living, working, food, entertainment etc. I am especially interested in how I am able get a job?  What city is best to start off? Why?

Really thinking start applying from here and do Skype or phone interviews. Any insights how I show get started?

My professional skills are in a nutshell:

- strategic planning (digital, offline, mixed) - design, implementation and facilitation
- project management (budget setting, and control,
- brand managemnet
- employer branding
- marketing automation
- copywriting specialised in IT (white papers, data sheets, articles, etc.)
- online marketing (Google, Facebook, etc.)
- general user of Adobe CC (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator)

I also have an academic IELTS 7.5 language proficiency, and a German language proficiency exam (C middle).

If anybody has thoughtful information or valuable insights, I would very much appreciate it.



Hi Lorant! Not that I am a jobs provider, but I must say that your professional qualifications look quite impressive and no doubt, Nepal could well use someone with your professional baggage. Finding the right job for you here may, however, prove more difficult that is might first appear, given Nepal's lackluster state of the economy, lack of development, high rate of unemployment etc. In terms of employment agencies, there is something like 400 of them, but these are for countless nepalis who want to leave the country, and looking for work in the Middle East or Malaysia - but not for people like yourself who wants to come the other way and settle here! If another different type of employment agency does exist, one for you to apply to for a job, I have not been told about it.
To be of assistance, you might want to go a different route. I hear that Hungary maintains a Consulate right here in Kathmandu, website  If you haven't been in touch with them, why not try sending them your c.v. of professional experience? They may well have good suggestions for you, and guide you.
Also, I can well understand that you might prefer to live and work in Nepal, but in terms of business opportunities, why not expand your search for a job to other countries where I read and heard that your country does very considerable business and big trade?
In your place, I would start with researching "Hungarian Export Directory" to see if Hungary has commercial ties with Nepal...and/or other ASEAN countries.
Speaking of ASEAN countries, I see that Hungarian Trading House is well established in Singapore and it is possible they work with Nepal, because Singapore is often talked about, here in Nepal.
From my limited knowledge, incidentally, I understand that Singapore has become a most important partner for Hungary - as a hub - in terms of volume of ASEAN trade.
Have you tried contacting the Hungarian Trade & Culture Center which opened a new base in South East Asia, in Bangkok, Thailand, to help promote multi-national trade and exchange activities alike?
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think you may also find that Vietnam is Hungary's 4th most important export partner and 5th largest importer - 2016 figures showing bilateral trade up by 40% to a total of 200 million US dollars.
I think all I am saying really is that job opportunities do exist, but you have to identify them. And in the process, you may well find after talking to the Hungarian Consulate here and getting their input and advice, that in terms of job location, it may be more logical, appropriate and remunerative for you  too, to choose a job which straddles two or three countries.. Singapore + Vietnam + Thailand .....and not restrict yourself to just one choice in Nepal. International instead of just national.  In any case, best of luck and hope you can combine landing a good job with good job location. Who knows, you may end up spending part time in Hungary, part time in Nepal but also traveling on business to some of these other countries especially Vietnam, where trade seems to be booming. What to say of Nepal? How does Nepal compare with Vietnam etc?  For you to find out from the Consulate here and maybe you can carry out that part of your investigation with them here, by Skype?

Really great suggestions from Monica26. If you would like to come to Nepal to see how you like it, I could host you if you want to volunteer. Nepal is really different and it's best to come first to see how you like the culture and society. IM me if you have interest in volunteering.

Dear Monica,

thank you very much for your thorough response on the topic. You gave really good suggestions, which I will consider. Singapore maybe a better idea for me first so I can see hat is going in Nepal.
I will keep you posted how am I doing with my project.

Thanks a lot once more.


Many thanks for the offer, and you are absolutely right, about spend sometime before I make the decision. If I can make it happen I will go to Nepal for 2-3 weeks to see whats what :).
How can IM you? Dou you have direct email address?



You are welcome to Nepal for Visit or Business.

FYI, Nepal is equally the best place for Vacation or Business. Lot of European are here doing very good IT business. You can easily get information about traveling but i can provide you lot of information about IT business.

For the best location... there is only one place to start job, and that is Kathmandu.

You are most welcome here in Kathmandu. Let me know what else you are interested to know about Relocation to Nepal ??


Sounds to me that nepalis are the ones who should now be thinking in terms of relocating to Nepal. I am astounded to read that a whopping 14% of Nepal's population are engaged in what has described as "risky labor in 84 different countries" according to information just published in the HT. When one talks about 4 million nepali workers, that's an impressive number.

yeah, you said it, especially when one also considers how ridiculously low the production capacity of the country really is. The nepalis keep importing and importing more and more foreign goods as their level of poverty decreases and the number of money in the-ze-pocket new-rich consumers increases here. How on earth are they going to create 2 million new jobs - not to speak of 4 million - for these people, if these nepali migrants ever do start to come home?  Those in charge of the economy better start putting their thinking caps on pretty soon, reduce imports and create new jobs at home. In the meantime, the country's trade deficit is reaching alarming proportions, that's for sure.

A rudderless ship.
Everybody is in charge
And no one is in charge

64 ministers and 30 ministries at last count, according to the reliable HT paper

Better yet, reports have it that Ministry of Commerce, Department of Railway of Nepal Officials are currently holding talks with Indian Railways.
Railroaded or not, it's good to know that nepali officials are omnipresent and on the job.
Hurry up guys, or you'll miss your train to Kathmandu!
As they say, it's better to laugh than to cry!

Talk about relocating to Nepal, some interesting official statistics have just been revealed which will dispel many old myths about what people have been saying about how poor the people of Nepal are.
Fact of the matter is that in a new trend has developed in the last 4 years, whereby nepalis now increasingly go abroad and actually spend more money outside of their own country, than all the dollars and other currencies which the 800,000 and some odd foreigner/visitors and other expats like you and me spend right here, in this country! Not all the people are able to do this obviously, because poverty remains a big problem here, but evidence now indicates that not an insignificant percentage of the nepalese people are now finding it possible, we are told, to pay for travel packages, exit Nepal and go visit the rest of the world.

almost forgot, Christmas press release of 12/22/2017 which tells us that Nepal now has just established Diplomatic relations with Liechtenstein, bringing Nepal's total number of Ambassadors abroad to an impressive 155.  Only 62 square miles big, and with less than 40,000 in population, Liechtenstein has the reputation of being a billionaire tax heaven and certainly no importer or exporter of anything else! Oh well, so it goes. You can make some of the people happy some of the time, but not all the people all the time.

It's no secret that nepalis traditionally used Singapore transit point for remittances. Now it sounds as if they will have a new choice offered to them, with Vaduz as its capital, with all the trappings of diplomatic immunity, of course.

and with diplomatic impunity too, two birds of a feather as they say!

Make that 157, as the new total number of countries Nepal has established diplomatic relations with at the United Nations - the latest chosen one being the small african nation of Benin. That should make 157 people happy! Soon they'll be rivaling the U.S. which holds the record for having diplomatic relations worldwide.
P.S. Nepal's ration of imports to exports is 10:1

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