Impoting and exporting deals Tanzania

Do you have an Idea of importing or exporting goods from Tanzania,
Cars (import to Tanzania)
Agricultural crops (cashew nuts,coffee beans,cocoa,etc)
Goods from all over around the globe
Gemstones from Tanzania to Asia.
And so do you have market to buy goods from Here/ you want to import your goods.
We can do business let's talk over here and see the miles we got to go!

Nothing to worry

Hi Hakunamatata,

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I invite you to post your search in the Business partners in Tanzania section, it might help you.


Priscilla team

Thank you so much priscilla

What kind of rough germ stones can I export in Asia ? 
How can I get the buyers contacts ?

Thank you for your reply, it is an exportation of goods from Tanzania to Asia countries, gemstones like green tomalin and the like are all available here!
So simply I need buyers!

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