Coming to Belize for the first time!

I am hoping to rent a cottage in Corozal and would appreciate any helpful suggestions.  I have lived in seven states including HI, and although I did not care for Oahu, I am counting on having a much better experience in Belize.  I love anything involving water.  My deceased husband did not like water so my enjoyment was limited.  I will change that.  I have two small dogs I hope to bring with me and I am delighted there is no carpeting inside homes!

I don't have anything helpful about Corozol because we are way down south, but I was just telling my husband last night how glad I am to live in a country without carpet. I've pulled up carpet (once when I was pregnant even). Nasty, nasty stuff.

Absolutely!  Why are other countries more intelligent than the US?  What would you recommend for a safe place for a single lady? Ferris

Well, like I said, I haven't been up north in a while. I generally feel much safer in Belize than the us. Not everyone agrees with that, but I guess we create the kind of environment we focus on! I would suggest avoiding Belize city at night alone. Men here are very forward. Catcalling is a national pastime, but if you're not offended by that, it's all very harmless. It all depends on what you are wanting out of a home. I love the south, but it's not for everyone.

I was leaning towards Corozal.  Any thoughts?

I haven't been up that side in many, many years. It was lovely when I was there. Very friendly, but that was 20 years ago. They've had some things happen in the last couple years, though. Some murder and assault. I don't know how to say this in a way that won't get me in trouble, but here it is. It is my opinion that some (certainly not all) of the violence results from a gross disparity between haves and have nots. I think if you live simply and among belizeans, it's much less likely you have problems. When I was a student doing service trips, we were always advised to leave jewelry at home and not flaunt wealth or privilege. I see a lot of flaunting here with ostentatious houses, etc. There are whole communities where belizeans simply can no longer afford to live, and I'm sure that's upsetting to many who've been priced out of their community of birth. I'm all for being comfortable and don't advocate people needing to live in shacks.  Like I said, it's not always the case. Sometimes violence is just violence. I also want to be really, really clear that it does not, in any way, justify the action. It's understanding vs justifying.

Well since I sold all my 22kt gold jewelry to leave HI, I should be in great shape!

That must have been heartbreaking. I don't have much jewelry, but what I do have is very sentimental. I'd hate to part with any of it.

As you age, you learn not to value material objects, and just be thankful you are healthy.

I'm already a bit that way, but there are a few things - my grandmothers engagement ring, the rocking chair that rocked my mother, her brother and sister, my brother and me, and all four of my children. Honestly, that's about it.

You need to check out Southern Belize before settling in Corozal.

With the Embassy emailing there is a possible hurricane coming to Corozal, you may be right!

ferriswhitfield :

With the Embassy emailing there is a possible hurricane coming to Corozal, you may be right!

I have used for years to get updated info on weather in the Caribbean.

Winds in tropical storm Franklin  are currently being reported at 60 mph, gust to 70 and the track looks to be near the Mexico/Belize border.  At this point it is ify  that Franklin will reach Hurricane force (74 mph)  before landfall tonight. … m-franklin

From an email I just received:
"Please be informed that Atlantic International Bank will be closing its San Pedro office at midday and all other offices at 3:00 pm on Monday August 7 , 2017 due to Tropical Storm Franklin which is expected to pass over the country later tonight. Please visit the News and Notices page of our website or call any of our offices for confirmation regarding this email."

Placencia peninsula!

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