I am a South African male married to an Italian woman

Good day
my wife Stephania and I have travelled from South Africa in the beginning of June this year.
I entered Italy on a three month spouse Visa going trough the EU passport control in Fiumicino wothout any hassle at all.
She has now applied for and received her residence here.
I would like to apply to extend my Visa or for a Carta di Soggiorno.
We are in possess of our unabridged and apostilled marriage certificate but did not transcribe the marriage at the consulate in South Africa before we left.
Wie are leaving with close relatives of hers but dont have employement as yet even though we have a small amount of savings to live on for a few months or until she, and then hopefully I, will find employment.
Will it be difficult to obtain a Carta di Soggiorno or is it just a formality to legalise my further stay in Italy as I understood from other websites?
I thank you on advance for your replies.
P.S. Will my age influence the outcome as I am close to 60 years old?

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