Bringing independents to the Netherlands

Hi all,

I am planning to take a master course in one of the prestigious universities in the Netherlands and would like to know if I can bring my independents (my child, spouse) to the Netherlands to live with me.
I also hope to find a job in the Netherlands so that we can settle down here, after the course. Kindly advise on my case. I am a non-EU citizen.
Thank you very much and nice day to all.

Check this website from the immigration office :
It's also available in English.
From what I understand it's very difficult and complicated but this is the best advice I can give to you.

Good luck!

As Primadonna has explained, it gets a bit complicated, but a bit more information; the course you are applying for has to be from this list and you need to have at least a provisional acceptance from the University; you can't just say that you intend to apply once you get there.  Further, you need to meet a minimum monthly income limit; details from this link.

My advice would be to speak to the IND directly; the contact details are in the link that Primadonna supplied.

Many thanks for the advices, which are so helpful for us.
One more question please. My relative is living and working as a high skilled worker in the Netherlands and he is willing to host us if we move there. Is there any requirements for this? Or just all about the host's monthly income that must meet a certain level (nearly € 2,000 as mentioned in the link you quoted).
Thank you very much for taking your time to share with and help us.
Nice day all.

Your relatives status is largely irrelevant, he could pack up and leave the day after you arrive; the important thing is your ability to stand on your own feet and live/study in the Netherlands without falling on the State to support you.

Well, this could possibly happen, Cynic. I am just wondering if it's ok for us to accept the offered accommodation from my relative as long as he still lives in the Netherlands. The point is I heard that in the UK, a married couple with a child must afford to rent a house on their own to assure good life for the child.
Thank you very much and warm regards, enjoy your day...

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