Life in Istanbul

Greetings Everyone!!

My name is Oumaima, I am from Morocco, I work as  English teacher it's been 3 years now, I am planning to work abroad and share my experience with people from other countries.

I am moving to work in Istanbul after two months, and I would like anyone who has some information about how is life like in there to share with me please.
I would like to know about how is the city like? how are peaople in there? how is the cost of living? safety in there? is it better to stay alone or look for a flatmate? how is the rate of rent in there?
places where I can do shopping?

any information regarding this topic  will be soo helpful for me.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Oumaima,

Welcome on board  :)

Since you posted on the wrong forum, i have moved your thread to the Istanbul forum so that you might get some feedback.

Feel free to browse the Istanbul forum by category, you will find so many useful information.

All the best,

If you find out
do let me know please
i am also planning to move there

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