pregnancy in kuwait

hi im 7 mos pregnant and  im planning to deliver my baby in al sabah hospital, i get married last jan 25 of this year in the ministry of kuwait in reggae., today i went to jabriya hospital to open a file, my check up was fine. im just bit nervous, i met a lady there and shes telling me maybe i will have problem when i deliver the baby here cause the date of my marriage is late considering im 7 mos pregnant now. now im scared, i dont know where i will deliver the baby. any suggetion/advice?

problem is, i think she MIGHT be correct, Kuwait frowns upon extra-marital relations, especially those resulting in children. now in your case, you are married, it's just that the date of your marriage does not cover the pregnancy.

i highly suggest you consult with a legal representative, try Fajer on, or even pay the money required for consulting with a lawyer, so as not to lose your residency should this actually be a problem.

it might not, but it might. so long as the odds are 50-50, it is better to be safe than deported.

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