Tonsillectomy HCMC

Hello all. I have a question regarding the quality of healthcare in Vietnam, and if it would be possible to get a tonsillectomy once there.

Are public hospitals okay or should I get a medical aid and opt for a private hospital?

Also, is there any medical aid that would cover a tonsillectomy, and how long would the waiting period be before I can use said medical aid?

Thanks guys.

Hi Pika, unfortunately I don't have any info, I found your post as I have the same idea as you to have my tonsils out in Vietnam!
I lived there for a year and had some dental work done (root canal and a cap) in a private place, but for a fraction of the cost of any western country. I think private will be your best option, it should be decent and affordable, just need a good recommendation and a surgeon whose done it before as complications are not unknown. Did you find anything? Cheers

Got mine done 3 days ago at City International Hospital for 15 million dong all in. Seem to have done a great job, touch wood. If nothing changes I can highly recommend this doctor, and give more info if anyone needs it. Cheers!

Isn't a tonsillectomy, if not an emergency, sort of a "you need to get this done right away" thing?  I had mine out as a child and still remember the discomfort.  I can't imagine someone taking a long distance plane ride with swollen tonsils just to save a few Rand.

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