Hey everyone,

I am looking to enrol my 8 year old son into a school where he will learn Arabic aswell as Turkish. we currently live in London and his language is English.

Any recommendations for schools would be very helpful?

From what I have heard, Safir International School in Bagcilar area is the only one in Istanbul that offers English and Arabic curriculum alongwith Turkish. You may want to check it online.

Good luck

Xeeschan, thankyou so much for that I will most certainly look into that.

Are you able to give me any insight into Fatih?  So for living and studying ?

Thanking you in advance.

No problem at all.

I have visited Fatih as a tourist a few times only. From what I have learnt is that living-wise, it is a conservative part of Istanbul.

I cant tell you much about 'studying' unless you have a specific question, though there are certain universities fairly close to and in that area.

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