Obtain a non-immigrant “O” visa from Thai Immigration

As you read in the title, it is about obtaining visa in Thailand by Thai immigration.

Many people think that they need to leave Thailand to get a visa in Thai embassy abroad but in fact there are 2 forms called TM.86 and TM.87, maybe not well known.

A- If you entered Thailand as Visa Exempt (30 day permitted stay) you need to use the TM.87 Form also know as "application for visa"

B- If you entered Thailand on a Tourist Visa (60 day permitted stay) you need to use the TM.86 Form also known as "application for change of visa"

You can have a look at this brochure from Immigration ( page 2 - section 4 ) :

You can find all the TM forms in the immigration website : … e=download

I m very interested about this possibility ... Do you know if I can apply in Koh Samui or Suratthani Immigration ?

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