Cambridge English School Mangaf Teachers

I accepted a position at CES Mangaf as an Art teacher. Any other teachers from there?


American Creativity Acadamy -  art teacher as well. :)

Not a teacher but I live very close to the CES.

If anyone wanted to share CES experiences, my wife and I were doing research on schools for our eldest who will be starting kindergarten this year.  I'd love to hear someone's first hand experience (PM me if you'd like, just so we dont take the thread too far off topic)

How do you find Kuwait and the place  in Mangaf  :D

I've had a super positive experience in Kuwait so far.  I found a nice place and a nice car.  I work with a cool group of guys and with a little help I've been able to find everything I need for day to day living.

The house in Mangaf is way more than I was expecting (both in size and in quality), the neighborhood is nice and quiet.  I can walk to the grocery store, beach, food complex, etc. Even when it's super hot out (not so much when it's humid)

Most everyone I've met seems super nice (shop owners, other car people, other strangers walking in the street, etc)

I like going down to Fahaheel beach to watch the cricket games on the weekends before it gets too hot, or after it cools down a bit in the evenings.  Mangaf beach, not so much...

So yeah.  So far so good!  Definitely a move I'd make again :)

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