Looking for Home Remodeling Company in the Bayamon area

Hello all.  I'm in Puerto Rico this week and I'm looking for any recommendations.  There are a few things I would like to have done on a house I inherited.  Some are basic, like replacing doors.  But some work is more extensive, like changing the fascia of the house front, some landscape, and fixing part of the roof above the marquesina. 

Any recommendations are truly appreciated.

Thank you

Just some advice:
Be careful how you pay as you go. There was a news article yesterday about a guy that was quoted 30k for some home improvement and the work was never completed. When he approached the contractor, he asked for a loan of 13K from the owner in order to finish the job. He took them to court and the judged granted him 3.5k but other contractors wanted 15k to perform the rest of the changes needed to finish the job.

So you want a lot of references, both recent to make sure the contractor works well and does the job and old references to make sure that there were no issues years later.

Some here will even advise for you to buy the materials to ensure that you get new Maria's and new concrete not leftovers that may be old and that you are not overcharged for the materials.

I am sure that not everyone is the same, but be careful.

Thanks Rey.  I'm definitely going to buy the materials.  My uncle "volunteered" to help me out and he painted the interior of the house.  It's a small 3 br/1bath.  He also painted the rejas and now wants to charge me $1500.....i think that's way too much....feeling very frustrated and sick to my stomach right now....because deep down I knew better not to trust him. 

I'm going to get 3 quotes from 3 different companies.  But I will follow your advice.  I just hope it's only this area that is this beginning to worry about eventually building in PR.

A lot of people that have worked in construction for a year or two are going around and marketing themselves as contractors when basically they have very little knowledge of the construction side and of the business side. Many do it part time.

As to yard work you probably want photos of their work to see how creative they are and maybe 1 reference from a year ago and one from around 4 months ago to go see and appreciate their talent.

My brother in PR was pushing me to use his brother in Law but I told him no. First I do not do business with friends nor Family and second I want something that outside looks traditional but is modern inside. His brother in law does it part time so there is no way he has extensive knowledge.

My first son (lives in Puerto Rico) is an electrician and has worked in construction for several years and used to run a crew, so I will use him as a supervisor to make sure everything is done to code and efficiently with no corners cut.

One item I forgot, there is an insurance that contractors should be carrying that guaraties that in the event the contractor screws it up or leaves without finishing, you will have a recourse. Not sure the name of it, other members may kniw.

I think is called a bond, take a copy of it and make sure is vald before you contract them.

Victor Lamb...*** talented, ex school teacher, fluent English and one of the most honest guys i've ever met here on the island...
most start jobs and don't finish or never show up... this guy is Tops!!

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Thank you so much for the recommendation!!

We're moving WHERE? :

Victor Lamb...*** talented, ex school teacher, fluent English and one of the most honest guys i've ever met here on the island...
most start jobs and don't finish or never show up... this guy is Tops!!

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Working on this

Thank you that would be great.  I had a feeling that would happen so i copied the number down.

Moving where....thank you for the info.  Have you or anyone you know had work done by this gentleman?

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