Looking for HR job here

I have a degree in psychology and I am looking for HR positions here in ho chi minh city. Hope i could find any help from you. Thank you.

How good is your Vietnamese?  The essence of HR is communicating with employees is it not?  There are certain jobs that seem to me to be unrealistic if you are not fluent in Tiếng Việt.

I could be totally gobsmacked if someone says they hold down HR work in Vietnam without speaking the language.


Hey gladysborja, I'm going to echo what the others have said already. HR personnel gotta deal with employees in a variety of ways that almost all requires the use of Vietnamese. HR also gotta deal with people from outside the company using VNese.

It would be a tough job convincing a prospective employer to see you as a good fit for an HR positions unless the company comprises mostly of English-, Korean-, and Tagalog-speaking employees. :-/

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