Part-time job with tourist visa

Hello everyone,

I am from Germany and I will do my internship after my graduation in Kuala Lumpur.
Since the company's salary will not be enough to cover all expenses, is it possible to work part-time in the evenings or week-ends in a cafe / bar to gain extra money with a tourist visa?

And is there any cheap accomodation in or around Bangsar South ?

Thank you for your help!!!

Your employer should apply for an internship visa for you and not expect you to work on a tourist visa. The reason is it is strictly prohibited to work when a tourist. But are you not on a student visa since you are "graduating in Kuala Lumpur"?  Look at the PVP visa Category VI on page 27

It may be difficult to find any work, as working illegally is a huge huge hot potato at the moment, due to all the immigration raids that are taking place. This is the result of the non-compliance by employers during the re-hiring programme. Employers failed to register their workers. They will be fined heavily for having illegal workers persent on their premises. You really don't want to be placed in a Malaysian detention centre for immigration breaches. It would not be a nice experience. has cheap shared accommodation. Pantai Hill Park usually is a good place to look, plus around LRT Kerinchi out towards Asia Jaya. But sometimes shortish periods are not easy to arrange.

Oh I see...
Thank you so much for your advice, I will get in touch with the company concerning the visa.

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