International Schools Amsterdam and closeby

Hello to all,

we will be relocation to Netherlands shortly and I am search for an international school for my daughter.
I found quite a lot online, read a lot about them, but I would prefer to hear somebody's opinion who has a child attending in any of these schools.
So, any parent here with a child in an international school in Amsterdam, of Haarlem, or Utrecht or any other close by?

Thanks a lot

HI Anita,
We are in a similar position, my husband is in the process of finalising an intercompany transfer to Haarlem and I will be looking for international school places for my primary aged children. How did you get on? Did you find a place for your daughter and how is it going?


at the end we got a different offer and we will be moving to Switzerland instead :)

Wishing you all the best to your move,



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