Selling part of our hospitality business & move to Saint Lucia

Hi Everyone,

My wife and I, Jo are planning to sell part of our hospitality business in London and move to Saint Lucia! We are in our early/mid 30's.

We have two young daughters aged 5 & 7.

Schooling is our first concern. We have been in touch with the International school which seems pretty good but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Our goal is to purchase a property that we could renovate and turn into a simple B&B in order to generate some income. There are a few properties of interest in the Rodney Bay Area but they do need some substantial investment so any advice on builders/renovation contractors would be brilliant as you can only go so far on the internet.....

Also any advice on whether or not to ships goods over from the U.K. V buying new would be really welcome as it does seem like a bit of a minefield with import charges.

Also super keen to get to know some people. Ultimately we are publicans and therefore like a good social life......

Next on the Island in early September for viewings etc

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Jon&Jo,

Welcome on board  :)

I have created this new thread from your post on the Saint Lucia forum so that you might get some feedback easily.

Perhaps you could share with members why you chose Saint Lucia in particular ?

All the very best,

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