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Hi everyone!I'd like to ask what are the requirements for fiance visa in france I got my visa refusal for applying tourist in france now I'm planning not to appeal but to change it to fiance visa.thank you for all your help.I'm from the Philippines and my boyfriend is French we are almost three years relationship.

I believe the specific visa in order to marry in France with a French citizen no longer exists. PM'ed you some more info on it.

As far as i know, there is no 'fiance visa' or visa to get married..
I know already a lot of Philipines national can not obtain visa easily until they are married to the French national.
Reading that your tourist visa had been refused, i'm afraid i could not help to give you more information.   :(

I hope you find solution soon, good luck.

Hi Lily.
It is easy to apply tourist visa, just provide all the requirements. Check your inbox for more info 😊

Hi ask ko lang if nag meet na kayo in person?

Yes po once a year sya umuuwi ng pinas

And still na deny yung application mo? Ugh

May Mali din po kasi ako Hindi ko kinompleto yung requirements.

Ah anu anung requirements yung kulang mo? Nagtatanong tanong rin kasi ako regarding sa pagkuha ng tourist visa e

@ I am Lily 1632 and Fayelo > Can you both keep it in english on this english speaking forum ?

Thank you,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Leave of absence po from my work.

hi im in a relationship with a french citizen and weve been together for 6 years, im just looking for some advices not to refused/ denied my visa. im afraid.

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