Cancelling visa in oman?

Hi im working in oman and will finish my contract in 4 days and dont want to renew my contract.I will be leaving on 3 days,do i still need to cancel my visa even im finish contract?pls help me,and do i need my PRO to do it?

Hi Chame,

The day your VISA expire,It will automatically Cancelled,Just make sure you exit before or on the day your VISA is going to expire

Thanks sheb so i dont need my PRO on 13th to cancel my visa?because 14th is the finish date of my visa..because actualy i dont want my PRO to go with me because i have another offer to other country so instead i want to get my passport exit on my own on 13th so i can book my own ticket and check in    my lugage on my own.they are not giving our passport prior they are sending us in the airport

Don't worry Chame,You dont need anyone to be with you for cancellation and all formalities,Once you exit,the VISA is going to be automatically cancelled.

But if you are thinking to coming back to OMAN again You need a NOC from your current Employer.

If You did not get the NOC you are barred to be back in OMAN for TWO years from the date of departure

Since you had an offer in other country,NO need to worry at all.

You are free to any country you want..

Best of luck for your Future Endeavors!!!

Thank u seb godbless u

A PRO is required to cancel your visa because the owner needs a new clearance and better to take NOC

All the BesT

Hi all this is arul I am come Oman 4 months only 2 year contract ,  exit from Oman or any problem I need to face ?pls advice.

Hi all,My name is arul right now I am work Oman my contract 2 years , but my job here not satisfied I only work 4 months in Oman , My agency side all told lie on me one things also never true (salary,food,) so I want to going back India ,any advice pls .

Hi Arulvivek,

Gather your Offer Letter, Employment Contract and all the other communication and report your employer's discrepancies with the officials at the Indian Embassy and also at the Ministry of Manpower.

Bro if I tell embassy my employer make it go out long time maybe one month any another way I have ,and if cancelled my permit I need to pay for that ?
Tqs for your advice🙏

My visa will expire in February 2018,but I will be travelling to my country this Saturday 9th December 2017,my boss wants to cancel but I want to transfer,can I uncancel at the airport or get an Noc from him at the airport?

Hi Estasita,

The sponsor is the only person who can decide on what he wishes to do with his employee's employment visa.

And the employee cannot contest the sponsor / employers decision, unless there is some sound and valid reason for doing so.

Same is the case with the NOC. It is entirely the employer / sponsors prerogative. And the employee can't demand a NOC, nor stake any claim for one.

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