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Dear All,

Just a simple question. Do any ex- pats live in Rayong at all? I am new on here but am now in my fifth week here. Very early days, I know but although I am quite happy with my own company and am embracing everything Thai and the non-touristy side of Rayong, nevertheless it would be nice to meet someone just for a chat, a coffee..whatever.  Trying to learn the language too. Any ideas would be greatly received.

One suggestion: the greater the frequency of being in any place the greater the opportunity of socializing with people. You might even pick a regular time and find out that there other people who go there during that time frame. Just a suggestion. Even the shop people will get to recognize you and become more friendly with you.

Thank you for your suggestion. Much appreciated. I am already getting to know many of the locals but of course I don't know enough of the language and vice versa!! So it's a case of hanging out in bars which is not really my scene I'm afraid! But I take your point.

I've switched over to hanging out in coffee shops. At my age I end up drinking tea. I also remember an old bar trick. Drinking a clear soda with a piece of lime in it, to make it look like a cocktail. But having worked in the bar business there are many people in bars that end up as a disappointment.

Thanks Bill!

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