Getting a job in a new country before you get there...

How did you get a job before you got to France?
Is France more or less conservative about facial piercings? In America you can find jobs with facial piercings, however, if that will affect me moving to France I would take it out. (I have a lip ring)
Do you know of anything that I could find work for pretty easily?
How do I tell my new job that I need a work visa for myself and husband?

I have done call center work as well as retail. I am a photographer with my own company as well.

Hi, I would say that France is pretty conservative.... of course, it depends what kind of job you will be looking for. The economy in France is not great right now and a lot of French people are unemployed so finding a job might be difficult..... it will depends also on your level of French. Salaries are lower than in the US, as a rule. Do your homework before taking the plunge..... study job openings.

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