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Hi everyone!

Long story short: in 2015 I worked as a freelancer in the Netherlands, then moved back to my country of origin and closed my one-man company. In 2016 I was obviously requested to send a declaration of my income to the Belastingdienst and, given I wasn't able to fill in the tax books in dutch they sent to my house, I decided to ask for an external accountant to do that for me. I chose Amsterdam-based Blue Umbrella.

Flash forward to 2017. I just received (yet) another letter from the Belastingdienst titled "Aanvrag activeren machtingsregistratie Servicebericht Aanslag door uw intermediair".

I have been able with the help of Google Translate to figure out all the letters I received so far, but not this one. Perhaps I got that my intermediary is asking for my authorization to do something and if I don't want to allow them to do such thing I am supposed to send via an envelope some kind of "formulier", but didn't figure out exactly what for.

Does anybody know what this is about? I might ask Blue Umbrella directly but maybe I can get help here.

Thanks in advance very much.

P.s. I might scan and attach such document if any dutch-speaking folk is willing to help, in case.

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Based on your story they ( Belastingdienst) want you to confirm and authorise the intermediary to communicate.

If you don't want this than you have to fill a form apparently. What you can do is tell them that you moved back to your country and give them your address where they can send letters. Or better, you can create an account by them. They even have a foreigners departement.

If you want I can take a look into this form to know what they exactly need.

Hey primadonna, thanks so much for your answer!
Belastingdienst is indeed sending letters to my house in my country and has been doing so for a year and a half so far. I wonder whether they'll ever stop, given I closed my company at the end of Oct 2015 and after having declared my income for that year I shouldn't have anything left to "declare" as far as the Netherlands go.

Anyways, concerning the letters. My vague assumption is that they are asking for my permission in order for my intermediary to do something, perhaps associated with knowing information concerning my income. However, as stated, I am absolutely not sure about it. Could you be so kind to give me a quick translation on the meaning of these documents, if you are willing to? I would be very grateful.

(Deleted parts in black are, or are supposedly, personal information.)

Once again- thanks so much!

At this moment your links are under review so I can't translate it yet.

As for the belastingdienst concerns, no matter where you are they'll find you and they want to know if you have to pay taxes on the period you lived in the Netherlands.

Yes, I've read all the documents.

By doing nothing you give your intermediary (Blue Umbrella) the permission to control the information the Belastingdienst provide. The permission started from the date mentioned in the letter. It is only for the year 2017 about the income taxes.
If you don't agree or you want to end the permission than you have to fill in the form and send it back.

So you were right and the translation worked wonderfully  :D

Thanks very much for your help, Primadonna!

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