Can i get MM2H by RM 2,00000 ?

Is there has any way to get Malaysia Second Home Programme Approval within RM 2,00000 ? I have checked official requirement is RM 3,00000. But i don't have RM 3,00000.
My Age 30.


The programme depends on your age.  It's easier for the over 50s. You need to show income of RM10k per month from a guaranteed government source. If you dont have that income then they will case by case assess your situation. Apart from that, the programme requires you to have a lump sum in your account and a CV that shows you have a background of professional stability. If you don't have a guaranteed pension of RM10k per month (and even Europeans struggle with that) then the requirement is to make  RM150k deposit. But, to be honest, you do need at least RM5k to live per month in Malaysia. If you have school-going children, then double/triple that. The system is rigorous and subject to checks. Best to keep inside the rules as being blacklisted is not good.

The current terms are:

a) to qualify:
Applicants under 50 are required to show liquid assets above RM500,000 and a monthly income of over RM10,000 (equivalent).

b) after acceptance:
MM2H Applicants aged below 50 years old must place a Fixed Deposit in a bank account in Malaysia of RM300,000

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