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Hi all.

I have recently been offered a marine engineering job in Dubai. This kind of came out the blue however being in the oil & gas industry I gave often joined related web sites etc as I am currently looking for a new position.
The position I have been offered is with Liwan Engineering Consultancy and all correspondence has been through email. They have linked me to a company called Excellent Way Travels & Tours who are taking care of visa's & work permits. I have to pay for the permits and visa but get reimbursed upon acceptance. This all seems very forward considering I have never spoken to anyone, and all has been considered through CV and questiuonares.
Has anybody got any thoughts or advice or indeed been in the same situation. Looking to cover all angles before progressing further

Thanks in advance


Skittles is absolutely right. It looks too good to be true. As far as I know the visa application process, you as a to-be employee who has been selected by a particular company MUST NOT play any role in the visa acquisition process except provide your personal details and certificates.  Thus you being asked to pay for the visa and permit is not legal. The employer must pay for this, after all they are the ones applying for the visa & permit not you.

Tread carefully.  Lots of scams running here, so a background check is very essential.

Sounds like an ideal scam case. Not aware of any company that would make an employee pay for the visa fees even if they offered reimbursement it just doesn't make sense.

The same with me as well. I got an offer letter from the same company with so good an offer to be true !!! The moment i saw i will have to pay for the visa fees, i knew its a scam. So i looked up for any similar cases and i bumped into this thread.

Beware of this company dears !!! ;)

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