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           Can anyone tell what is the difference between Class 1 , 2 and 3 on BPJS cards, I cant find any difference other then monthly premium amount.

Thank You


The difference is with the hospital service and facility, similar with the class in a hospital

Class 1 is about 3rd class in a normal hospital.
Class2 lower
Class 3 ... last in line

So I'm informed by people that have experienced it.

Depens on the hospital, each is different

The room grade and coverage are dirent for each grade.
Example :
Lowest grade : eligible for room share with 4 person.
Higest grade : eligible for vip room.
But if you enrolled in lowest grade you can uograde to vip and pay the diffrence.

My wife has just been into hospital for an operation.
They tossed us to the top of the list because we were paying cash.
After cash come insurance, after insurance - BPJS.

Like any place “cash is King”
It’s worth checking out who and who doesn’t accept BPJS, could well be all hospitals do, but I can’t be certain, it’s also worth looking at private insurance
If your not on a budget as such/ prepared to pay as you go your possibly better off using cash for speed of receiving treatment
Not sure if I’m allowed to name this hospital but starts with an A and ends in BROS, I have found the one I use outstanding

BPJS is such a hassle. Better to take a policy with AXA or Prudential.

Why not a local policy.
Try the banks, BCA and so on.
Locals use policies of that nature and they aren't dropping like flies so one has to consider the possibility we don't need to pay like crazy.
BCA do one where you pay for eight years but get ten years cover and all your premiums back at the end.
I assume they're making on the interest they generate from your cash so they can afford to be more than reasonable.
Always see what local are paying before you take out a crazy priced policy made for expats.

abdulkhalil :

BPJS is such a hassle.

A lot of people disagree, especially the ones who are still alive because they had this insurance.
I won't touch the other two you mentioned.

I didn’t realise the local banks (or some of them) do health insurance, pretty obvious now I’ve read it as most countries banks offer this service.
I’ve been a member with BPJS but I’ve never had to use it and it was a while back now and was a % of my salary (possibly that’s the case for expats with KITAS ?)
Many of the locals swear by it and plus it’s affordable for quite a few also

I’ve just looked at the BCA one for interest starts at Rp119,000 per month and you can include spouse, kids etc, does exactly what Fred has said, definitely worth a look

Big tip - Expat insurance charge expat prices but local insurance is often just as good.
One well known expat aimed company used to hang around in posh shopping centres asking potential fools how much they wanted to pay but not a mention of benefits or price brackets. That particular one was talking in millions per month, as if I was stupid enough to take them on.
My middle finger wasn't used but they deserved more than the 'bugger off' I gave them for treating me as if I was stupid.

The difference if u r sick n need to hospitalize when u get no 1 the room will be only 2-4. If u get 2 the room for 3-5 people and for 3 rhe room share with more than 6.. Anda of course the facility different alsoe

Fred :
abdulkhalil :

BPJS is such a hassle.

A lot of people disagree, especially the ones who are still alive because they had this insurance.
I won't touch the other two you mentioned.

A lot of low income people use BPJS. They have no choice because they can't afford AXA or Prudential or other insurance companies.

Most of my wife's friends use Prudential. They are all Indonesian and they just don't bother with BPJS. Same here.

But each to his own.

By the way, Indonesians use Prudential and AXA and other insurance companies if they have the means. Low income use BPJS mostly. It's not just expats who use these companies, it's Indonesians too.

When we get sick we choose our hospital and get a private room. Don't like to share. If my kids get sick we use a private room and my wife usually sleeps over. We are just not interested in BPJS. But hey I'm off topic. The OP is asking about BPJS.

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